How to grow Rose plant from cut stem

In this post, I want to share how we can nurture the rose stem and grow it into a plant. The most important one that we need is patience because it will take 2–3 weeks at least to see the result. The real fun is on seeing how the soil and the necessary environment is giving nutrients to the cut stem and makes into a plant and we could see it growing day-by-day.

The technique that I experimented is the greenhouse gardening technique where we will cover the whole pot inside a plastic cover so it can allow the visible light into the pot but will not allow the heat outside and keep the environment warmer.

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Also since the stem do not contain the roots, we can help the stem to get root faster by using some rooting hormones. Few of the natural rooting hormones are natural honey, alovera plant gel, tulsi water etc, basically any natural product which has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties can be used. We can also use artificial rooting hormones as well but natural one does pretty well. The function of the rooting hormone is to protect the stem from bacteria, diseases etc.

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Next is the selection of stem, we should select a healthy stem so the success rate will be high. The healthy rose stem are the one that are dark green in color without any black spots, no fungus etc.

Lets see the process in sequence of steps

Step 1: Identify the healthy stem from the parent plant

Step 2: Keep all the necessary tools and materials ready like the pot, scissor, knife, rooting harmone, cover etc

Step 3: Cut the stem into multiple small pieces, desirable not more than an 5–6 inches. And cut it at a 45 degree angle

Step 4: Clean the side of stem which we will insert in the soil

Step 5: Dip the side with the rooting harmone

Step 6: Keep the pot ready with right mix of soil and water. Most important info is we should not water the plant after inserting the stem, so add necessary water before inserting the stem. The reason is that if we pour water then the root harmone will disolve and get mixed into the soil.

Step 7: Insert the cut stem into the pot with some distance between them

Step 8: Cover the pot with a plastic cover and keep it in a low sunlight shade. When it is in greenhouse effect we don’t have to water them everyday. The moisture will circulate within the closed area and will keep the soil wet.

Step 9: After a week we can open and check its health and cover it again

Step 10: After 2 weeks, once we see the leaves, we can make a small hole in the cover to allow leaves to get some fresh air to breath

Step 11: After 3 weeks, we can remove the greenhouse effect and either repot it or grow in the same pot

Happy Gardening!!

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