Rarely we want our POD to talk to the kube-apiserver to fetch details about the other deployments, pod status etc. This is not a common usecase but the option provided by K8S can be used in a very creative way to solve problem when a running pod want to know information about the cluster

The logic is very simple, we use the ** kubectl ** command to talk to the kube-apiserver and access the cluster, the kubectl client maintains the details about the cluster in ~/.kube/config directory. …

In this post, I want to share how we can nurture the rose stem and grow it into a plant. The most important one that we need is patience because it will take 2–3 weeks at least to see the result. The real fun is on seeing how the soil and the necessary environment is giving nutrients to the cut stem and makes into a plant and we could see it growing day-by-day.

The technique that I experimented is the greenhouse gardening technique where we will cover the whole pot inside a plastic cover so it can allow the visible…

Venkatesh Mohanram

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